One of the great joys of going on a camping trip is experiencing the sights, sounds and beauty of nature.  Whether it’s the simple pleasure of sitting around the camp under a velvety, starry night, or taking in the stunning scenery of our magnificent landscape, these experiences serve as a constant reminder that it is very much in our interest to look after the environment, not only for our enjoyment but also for the enjoyment of generations to come.

The New Forest has long been recognised as a unique and beautiful part of our country. The centuries old landscape is rich in history and rare and diverse wildlife habitats and as a designated National Park, it enjoys the highest level of landscape protection available today.

Here at the Red Shoot Camping Park we aim to help protect and enhance these environmental assets and minimise our impact on the environment both locally and globally. We are proud holders of the Gold David Bellamy Conservation Award and as such are dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues with our staff and visitors alike, aiming to provide our guests with a high quality holiday whilst supporting our local community and preserving our beautiful New Forest for the enjoyment of future generations.

We all have an impact on the environment but with a little forethought before your camping trip, this impact can be minimised.  Here are some tips to get you started –

  1. Start by considering what you pack in your car, the more gear you bring, the heavier your vehicle will be and the more fuel you’ll use.
  2. When on site, think about your use of resources such as electricity and water and reduce whenever possible.
  3. Make use of our recycling facilities – you can recycle on-site the following – glass, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, aluminium cans, milk bottle tops, batteries and clothes.
  4. Use our on-site shop instead of getting in your car and going further afield, we stock most things you’ll need during your stay with us.
  5. Bring your reusable water bottles with you. We are part of the Refill scheme and will gladly refill your water bottle for free.
  6. Respect the environment of the New Forest and its inhabitants, don’t attempt to feed or pet the ponies, stick to the tracks so as not to disturb ground nesting birds, keep to designated cycle tracks, don’t gather wood from the forest floor, leave it to rot and make homes for bugs and beasties, keep to the speed limit when driving or better still, walk or cycle to your destination.
  7. Adhere to the ‘no fire’ rule in the New Forest.
  8. Have a read of our Conservation Board situated at reception and our conservation page on our website. Both will give you a wealth of ideas on how to be more environmentally friendly.
  9. Keep noise and light pollution to an absolute minimum at night.
  10. Leave your pitch as you found it.

A camping trip takes planning and when you include eco-friendly options as part of your plans, you will be helping to preserve the environment and your camping destination for others who will follow in your footsteps.