Love The Forest

Here are the Red Shoot Camping Park we are committed to achieving sustainability and preserving our beautiful environment.  By choosing a UK camping holiday you will enjoy one of the most environmentally friendly holidays available but there’s more we can all do!

We actively support local charities and for 2023 have partnered with LOVE THE FOREST.  Their aim is to secure the future of The New Forest for everybody who loves it by working to support the conservation of the unique landscape, wildlife and the traditional commoning way of life.

Share your love for The New Forest and get involved today!

How is Red Shoot Camping Park helping Love The Forest?

We have committed to a monthly donation to support the ongoing work of the Trust to prevent animal accidents on the roads.

How can you help?

The New Forest is home to many special, rare and unique species of animals such as the much loved New Forest Pony, Smooth Snakes, Pine Martens, Bechstein’s and Barbastelle bats and Woodcocks. Select the ‘Love The Forest’ option when you book online to donate £2 to amazing projects that support animals such as these.


‘New Forest Trust registered charity number 1099420’

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