Conservation at the Red Shoot Camping Park

The New Forest has long been recognised as a unique and beautiful part of our country. The centuries old landscape is rich in history and rare and diverse wildlife habitats and as a designated National Park, it enjoys the highest level of landscape protection available today.  The New Forest Code outlines what you can do as a visitor to help us care for this special place and below is a summary of what we at The Red Shoot Camping Park are doing to help preserve this special place.

Here at the Red Shoot Camping Park we aim to help protect and enhance these environmental assets and minimise our impact on the environment both locally and globally. We are proud holders of the Gold David Bellamy Conservation Award and as such are dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues with our staff and visitors alike, aiming to provide our guests with a high quality holiday whilst supporting our local community and preserving our beautiful New Forest for the enjoyment of future generations.  The New Forest Code outlines what you can do as a visitor to help us care for this special place.

Here are some of the ways we are helping to reduce our environmental impact but to see our full David Bellamy environmental report, please click here.

  • We boost biodiversity by managing existing habitats within our park and adding new habitats where possible such as hedgerows, wildflowers (we are recipients of both the David Bellamy Hedgerow and Wildflower Habitat Badges), trees, grassland and nesting/overwintering boxes and houses for birds and insects. We have signed up to the David Bellamy Honey Bee Pledge and provide a home for several bee hives in a quiet corner of one of our private fields.
  • We make every effort to adopt sustainable business practices where possible including energy and water conservation (motion sensor lights, low energy bulbs, push button showers, half flush toilet cisterns and rain water harvesting), provision of recycling facilities, reduce, reuse and recycle policy and an environmental purchasing policy for shop stock and all other products used within our business.
  • We support our local economy by purchasing locally sourced goods where possible (New Forest Marque link), employing staff drawn from the local community and actively promoting other local businesses and attractions.
  • We support our local community in many ways including offering work experience placements, reduced rates for school and youth group bookings, supporting local charities and we are also guardians of an AED device (public defibrillator) which includes providing training to the local community.
  • We spread the word about our environmental work, encouraging others to become involved, with regular social media post, blogs, news articles and an information board at reception.

To read more about our conservation work click on this link.


Dog camping at Red Shoot
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