After the scorching days of the summer of 2018, it’s easy to forget that if you’re going to camp in this country you should be prepared for the worst that the weather can throw at you, including showers, drizzle or downright deluges.  One thing’s for sure, the unpredictability of the British weather is guaranteed but with preparation and consideration, you can approach this challenge with confidence and set yourself up for a great camping trip, regardless of the weather.  We’ve put together our best tips for camping in the wet so that when the rain comes down, your tent doesn’t have to.

  1. Check the weather forecast – if it says there is 50% or higher chance of rain, it’s a pretty safe bet that it will rain.  It’s worth remembering though that rain in the forecast can often mean just occasional rain showers with plenty of brighter periods in between, so don’t be put off entirely by a gloomy forecast!
  2. Buy a tent with taped seams and a waterproof outer layer.  Look out for the HH (Hydrostatic Head) rating, anything rated above 3,000 will keep you dry in the heaviest of rain.  A sewn in groundsheet will greatly reduce the chances of water getting in to your tent and an additional ground sheet under the tent can give even greater protection.  Keep your tent ventilated to reduce condensation.
  3. Pack smart – make sure you have wellies, umbrellas, waterproof  jackets and leggings.  Spare towels (microfiber towels are the best option) are a good idea to dry off the worst of the moisture from wet weather gear. Bring lots of plastic bags, they take up virtually no room in your luggage and will keep your gear dry.
  4. Bring your favourite comfort food and warm drinks – when the air is cold and the rain starts to pour you want easy accessibility to the gas stove and the warm food.
  5. Consider bringing a gazebo which creates additional sheltered outdoor space.  Do check with your chosen camp site first though as there is often an extra charge or rules around gazebos with sides.
  6. Turn a rainy day into a day of fun with indoor games and activities.  Pack playing cards, board games, books, colouring, paper, pens and other craft items.
  7. Check out in advance, the location and opening times of any local events or activities which are indoors such as cinemas, playsites or indoor markets,

Follow these top tips and no weather condition will prove a barrier or put a stopper on your fun.  And remember, when the rain comes down, your tent doesn’t have to.