Are you open all year round?

No, we close for the winter on 31st October every year and re-open on 1st March.

Can I book online?

Yes, you can book online via our website but will need to call us if no availability is shown, if you would like to make a group booking or if you would just like to talk to a person!

I can’t get through on your phone line, how can I get in touch?

Our phone lines can get very busy, you will often hear them ringing in the background when you get through!  If you can, wait for a few minutes and try again or alternatively, if you would like to make a booking, email us with the information listed on the enquiry form found in the ‘Booking‘ section of this website. Please be aware, the same people answering the phone, will answer your emails, so if we’re busy on the phone, we might not get to the emails straight away!

Can I just turn up on the day?

We advise you to book in advance as we can then allocate an appropriate pitch for your unit.  We get very busy during school holidays and bank holidays and hook-ups and large pitches are the first to be booked.

Can I stay for just one night?

Generally we take bookings for a minimum of 2 nights.  However, in the quieter months, and to fill in one night slots, we will accept a one night booking, depending on the circumstances.  Please call us to discuss your requirements.

How do I pay for my booking?

We take a £40 deposit per pitch, per week or part thereof to hold a pitch for you.  This deposit is non-refundable. The balance is then due 6 weeks prior to your arrival date and this becomes totally non-refundable or transferrable 28 days prior to arrival.  You may pay by debit or credit card over the phone, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro but not Diners Club or American Express or on our online client portal.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

If you cancel your booking 28 days or more before the arrival date, all monies will be refunded less the deposit. If less than 28 days’ notice is given, no refund will be made. Should you need to change the dates of your booking, you may do so up to 2 weeks before your arrival to another date within the same season. We are unable to alter booking dates with less than 2 weeks’ notice.

The only exceptions to this statement are as explained below in respect of our legal obligation to abide by Government rulings such as those necessitated by the COVID pandemic.

COVID / Pandemic exceptions

The following clause explains when you, or we, may cancel or agree to postpone your holiday due to Government restrictions relating to the COVID pandemic or other such national or international emergencies.

Please understand that, as a small business, refunding monies paid can cripple us, so with that in mind we always prefer that you postpone your visit and carry forward any payments made.  However, where the law gives you the right to cancel, we accept this. The rights in this clause are additional to any other rights either of us may have in our terms and conditions. We promise to do all we can to keep all our customers safe. We ask you not to book if the law prevents you visiting or staying with us, or if Government guidance means that you should not visit or stay with us even if the law still allows you to. As far as we are able to check this at the time of a booking request, we reserve the right not to accept your booking if we believe it is either against the law or against the interests of our Park and other campers.  We do not have to prove or justify our reasons for not accepting your booking.

Our promise also means that there are limited circumstances in which we may need to cancel your holiday. Both you, the visitor, and we, The Red Shoot Camping Park, have the right to cancel your holiday, or any full unused days, if the law prevents you from visiting or staying with us, or if Government guidance means you should not stay or visit.  In these cases, from our side, we will always offer you the opportunity to carry your payments forward to a later date, but if this is not possible for you, we will refund your booking in full. Should you need to cancel for a genuine COVID pandemic related reason that is personal to your circumstances and not an obvious Government restriction, we may ask you to provide evidence.  Please call us to discuss as soon as possible and be aware that we can only accept your cancellation for COVID reasons relating to those individuals in the party booking.

If your holiday has started, we will refund in full any full days unused when we cancel. We will not charge an administration fee.

Changes to our facilities and services

In order to comply with Government regulations or recommendations, we may make reasonable changes to our facilities and services provided these changes do not materially reduce their quality. Our changes may reflect amendments to relevant laws and regulatory requirements or implement minor technical adjustments and improvements, for example to address a health and safety risk.

If we make changes to our facilities and services which materially reduce their quality, we will give you the choice between confirming your booking, agreeing new booking dates with us, or cancelling. If your holiday has not started and you are unable to postpone your visit,  we will refund your booking in full. If your holiday has started, we will refund in full any full days unused when we cancel.

Why do you need my unit dimensions?

At the Red Shoot Camping Park we make every effort to ensure that all our customers have an adequate amount of space in order to enjoy their stay with us.  We have found that by taking accurate unit dimensions, we are able to match whatever you are bringing to appropriately sized pitches, making for a much more comfortable camping experience.

Why can’t I book more than 3 pitches together?

We are a small family park and as such have found that more than 3 units pitched together can become a little overwhelming for other campers.  For that reason we will only site a maximum of 3 units together.

What are your check in and departure times?

We guarantee that your pitch will be available from 2pm as our departure time is 1pm. We ask you to be in by 6pm in March, mid-late September and October, 7pm April to August. The New Forest is very dark at night and you should not plan to arrive after it is dark in any event, which is why our times are earlier at the beginning and end of season. In the lighter months we ask you to be in by 7pm so that other campers can enjoy their evenings undisturbed by new arrivals – (and because we need to sleep sometimes!). There is a late arrival charge if we have had to wait for you without prior agreement.

Can I stay after 1pm on the day of my departure?

If your pitch is not reserved by anyone else on the day of your departure, it may be possible for you to stay on for a few extra hours at a charge of £5.00.  Please check at reception well in advance of your departure date.

Do you have electric hook-up facility?

Yes, 10amp / 240 volt, suitable for lights and low watt camping electrical appliances, not for domestic appliances!

Can I bring my car on site?

Yes, all pitches on the Park have space for 1 vehicle.  Extra vehicles are charged at £7.00 per night and are by prior arrangement only.

Can I have a camp fire?

No. Open fires are restricted within the New Forest National Park and that applies to us as well.  We allow BBQs which must be off the ground so as not to burn the grass (bricks are available).  Burning of wood is prohibited, we sell BBQ charcoal in our shop.

Can I put up a gazebo?

Gazebos without sides up to 3m x 3m are allowed but by prior arrangement only and are charged at £10 per night.

Do you have WiFi?

No. Signals of all kinds (internet, mobile, TV) are weak and unreliable here and, despite extensive effort we have been unable to find a way to get a robust connection good enough to offer WiFi to our customers.  That’s why some people love it here so much!

Can I bring a generator or air conditioner?

No, generators and air conditioners are too noisy and disturb other campers.

Do you have a freezer for my ice packs?

No, but we run an ice pack service from the shop.  We charge a deposit of £1.00 per ice pack (refundable when you return the ice pack on your departure) and there is a 25p charge each time you swap for a frozen one.

Can we bring our dog?

Yes, it’s a wonderful place for dogs but please keep them on a lead on the Park, don’t leave them unattended and clean up any ‘accidents’.  Doggie poo bags are available in our shop and they can be disposed of in the main skips. (Not hung on the fences or hedges please!)

Do you have dog walking areas on site?

No, but we have 571 km sq of prime dog-walking forest on our door step.

Are there cycle trails from the Park?

Yes, there are many clearly marked cycle trails from our entrance and we sell cycle maps in our shop.

Are there forest walks from the Park?

Yes, you can walk onto the forest directly from the Park entrance and we sell walking maps from our shop.

Can I book a table in the pub?

The Red Shoot Inn is a separate business, please call them directly on 01425 475792

Is there any public transport near the Park?

We are approximately 3 miles from the nearest bus stop and approximately 11 miles from Brockenhurst where there is a train station.

Do you have tents or caravans for hire?

No but we have a comprehensive list  of tent, campervan and caravan hire companies on our Local partners page.

Can I use an awning extension?

Awning extensions are prohibited at peak times and are by prior arrangement only at all other times.

Can I bring my toilet tent?

We have excellent shower and toilet facilities and prefer campers not to bring their own toilet tents.  If it is essential that you have a toilet tent, please discuss with us at the time of booking.

Do you allow commercial sign written vehicles on the Park?

Yes, each pitch has an allocated space for one vehicle no larger than a transit van.

Do you lock the gate at night?

No, the gate is left open.  However, we do ask that if you are leaving early in the morning or coming back late at night, you leave your vehicle outside the gate so as not to disturb other campers.

Where can I go horse riding during my stay with you?

You will find a comprehensive list of riding stables on our ‘Activities’ page.

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